SMBX chat rules! (no really, it does)

1. Be respectful
Insults and other forms of harassment are not tolerated. It is required that all members respect boundaries. Any inappropriate comments, mocking, bullying, discrimination, and/or offensive comments are not welcome in the community. Continually making people uncomfortable is also unacceptable and is not allowed in any capacity.

2. Do not abuse the chat
Spam, trolling, and misusing Discord features is not allowed. The staff will take appropriate action to mitigate and manage situations based on severity. Posting content in the wrong channels after being redirected or warned is not allowed either. Joining under an alt account is not allowed for any purpose, especially for ban evasion.

3. Keep content family friendly
Do not post sexual, offensive, crude, violent, or demeaning content. Any posts and media should be acceptable in a school or work setting, and appropriate for children younger than 18 years old to suitably view. Controversial topics are to be treated seriously, or avoided if that requirement cannot be or is not met.

4. Moderation
All staff decisions are final and enforced at personal discretion. Members must accept staff action and carry on or report an abusive action if it is not justified by the rules. Backseat moderating/policing other members or the staff will not be tolerated. If an action needs to be taken, a report should be made so that an available staff member may handle the situation.

5. Keep personal issues personal
Mentioning private or personal matters publicly is not welcomed. Personal issues between users or groups of users does not belong in public discussion areas. Baiting will also not be tolerated, and must not be posted to provoke, instigate, or enable conflict neither intentionally or unintentionally. Staff will take immediate action based on severity. Furthermore, user punishments are the business of that user and the SMBX staff and discussion of this subject is not permitted.

6. Read the pins
Pins may be changed at any time so it is asked that any pinned rules are considered when posting in a channel.


Warning system:

1st offense - Warning
2nd offense - Kick/short term ban followed by probation period
3rd offense - Long term ban/permanent followed by probation if it wasn’t a permanent ban
4th offense - Permanent ban

The warning system will be used as necessary for any offenses, and may also include restrictions and limited access to the chat based on the severity of the offense or repetition of the offense.


The SMBX staff will enforce these rules to the best of their ability. Any violations of these rules should be reported with the rule broken, screenshots of the offending post(s), and your reasoning for reporting. The SMBX staff will review reports made and take action as needed. If you have a question about any of these rules, please ask an available member of the staff team and they will help you.